The Rich Coast Project

The Rich Coast Project uses digital archiving, audiovisual storytelling and legal research to foster cultural resilience, empower citizen engagement, and increase access to information within the communities of the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.

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My personal opinion is that the government all the time giving the black Caribbean descendants a hard time… They want to get we out, they need the place, this place is a refuge. And this all the time being taken care of [by] Caribbean descendants. This place, for all its life, the 200, 300 years, what it have? The people thems who’s taking care of it. Because if they never take care of it, you wouldn’t have this in existence.

Dennis Clark Bell, Manzanillo

selvin brown

The people who can fight for their rights, who have their rights, who can talk about their rights… they’re just playing around until those people die. For they know the little kids who running around with their surfboards not gonna fight law, for they already have nothing.

Selvin Brown Forbes, Punta Uva